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Best Blackout Curtains in Dubai for Maximum Privacy

Our customized blackout curtains in Dubai block outside light for added privacy and comfort. Available in various colors and fabrics to match your décor.


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Key Features

Upgrade Your Room With Our Blackout Curtains

Transform your living space with our premium blackout window curtains, combining style and functionality for a serene, well-appointed interior.


Restful Sleep

Promotes restful sleep by blocking intrusive light and external disturbances.

energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Insulates rooms by reducing reliance on cooling appliances with our curtains.

uv light

UV Protection

Protect your interiors from harmful UV rays with our blackout curtains in Dubai.

noise pollution

Noise Reduction

Reduce the external noise by creating a peaceful indoor environment.

We Offer Thick Yet Elegant Blackout Curtains

Room darkening window curtains are a must for kids’ bedrooms because of how volatile young children’s sleep cycles can be. Our luxuriously thick blackout curtains in Dubai not only block light but also soften sounds. Available in chic yet durable fabrics in colors and patterns you will love for every bedroom or personal cabin area. Create a comfortable atmosphere by hanging these light-blocking wave window curtains

We Feature Blackout Curtains in Every Color and Style

Upgrade any bedroom with our large selection available at our curtain shop in Dubai. You can get our blackout curtains in white, black, gray, or any color. We also offer vibrant shades like purple, red, or rich green blackout curtains that add charm to any dull wall. 

Our blackout curtains in Dubai come in stylish patterns to modernize your interior space. There are many sizing options that can fit big windows. We provide blackout drapes for every décor style and size to help you sleep in total darkness.

Best Types Of Blackout Curtains Available

Velvet Blackout Curtains

They are known for creating elegant environments with their luxurious texture and style.

Linen Blackout Curtains

Our natural linen fabric ensures privacy while adding a timeless, elegant touch to any room.

Patterned Blackout Curtains

The stylish patterns and bright colors of these curtains combine good looks with usefulness.

Motorized Blackout Curtains

Our motorized curtains with blackout fabric in Dubai are designed for smart homes that prioritize comfort.

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Hire Us Today for a Quick Blackout Curtain Fitting

Large glass windows make it hard to block light. You need our top-quality blackout curtains in Dubai with perfect fitting. Hire our team of curtain installation to fit the curtain perfectly with all types of windows. We specialize in customized blackout curtains for french doors, sliding doors, and oversized arched windows that achieve complete darkness. 

Check out our blackout curtains online catalog with fabric swatches and order samples before committing. Schedule a quick in-home measurement and installation appointment at your convenience. We are always here to offer the best blackout curtain installation services in Dubai. 

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Residential Projects

Why Choose Us for Blackout Curtains in Dubai?

With 15 years of experience installing blackouts in Dubai, no other company is more reliable or has more experience than us. Our inventory is full of the versatile options, including premium blackout curtains velvet options perfect for living rooms and home theaters. 

Every custom blackout curtain order gets perfect light-blocking results due to accurate measurements taken in the customer’s home. Our passionate support team helps you make post-install adjustments to achieve your ideal interior environment.

Customers Reviews After Successful Projects

I recently purchased velvet blackout curtains. The luxurious feel and the total darkness they provide have transformed my sleep quality. The noise reduction is a bonus, making my bedroom a peaceful place.

    Amanda J.
    Amanda J.


    The thermal insulated curtains are a game-changer! Not only do they block out the light perfectly, but they've also helped cut down my energy bills. The room stays warm in winter and cool in summer. A smart investment for comfort and savings.

      Salena J.
      Salena J.


      Installing the motorized blackout curtains was the best decision for my smart home. The convenience of controlling light and privacy with a remote is amazing. They operate smoothly and silently, adding a touch of modern sophistication to my interiors.

        Michael A.
        Michael A.


        I'm in love with the patterned blackout curtains I got for my living room. They are the perfect blend of style and functionality. The vibrant patterns add a beautiful splash of color, and they block out the light effortlessly. They've truly livened up the space.

          Irene P.
          Irene P.



          Regular Questions

          Check out our extensive FAQ section. It’s aimed at answering your questions and giving you useful information, so you can make an informed choice for your area.

          From velvet, linen, wool, kid-friendly cotton, and more, we offer the widest selection of premium blackout curtain fabrics in Dubai to satisfy any decor needs. Come to our store to explore the widest range of curtains. 

          Yes, blackout curtains are versatile and can be used in any room, including bedrooms for better sleep, living rooms for reducing glare, nurseries for creating a peaceful sleeping environment for babies, and home theaters for an amazing cinema experience. They not only enhance privacy and comfort but also add an element of style to your decor.

          Our curtain design experts are ready to guide you through selecting ideal blackout curtain materials, measuring your windows properly, choosing hues to brighten or darken rooms, pairing curtains with existing decor, and maximizing light control. Contact us anytime!

          Blackout curtains require careful cleaning to maintain their light-blocking properties. It's best to follow the specific care instructions provided. Generally, most can be gently vacuumed or dusted. Some are machine washable on a gentle cycle, while others might require professional cleaning.